Lemonade Diet and its Benefits

Lemonade DietThe Lemonade Diet has been approximately for more than 50 years. Its fame and status circled more than a few years ago after Beyonce declared and announced she had misplaced 20 pounds on the diet for the picture Dream girls.

The late Stanley Burroughs urbanized and developed the Lemonade Diet, which is as well recognized as the Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet, as a detoxification along with rapid high speed program. It is currently as well advertized as a rapid and fast weight loss program or plan.

The relentless and severe preparations involve intake a lemon juice mixture, and not having intake any foodstuff, for up to couple of weeks.

Of course, loss of weight is predictable while you discontinue ingestion and gulp extremely few calories. Excluding this sort of diet preserve also be hazardous to your health. Nutritionists tip out so as to the MC (Master Cleanse) Diet preparation is missing in all the necessary nutrients are vitamins, calories, raw materials, carbohydrates, protein, fiber as well as fat.

Lemonade Diet: What You Can Eat

No hard foodstuffs are permitted, nor are any complements. You can use merely the MC elixir to remain you hydrated.

The arrangement calls for the person to drink 6 or more portions daily of the lemonade swig. The simply added choices are “Salty water flush” of two teaspoons mixed salt in a half of water in the early hours of the morning and an herbal laxative tea at hours of darkness at nighttime, if needed.

A solitary portion serving of the Master Cleanse drink consists of:

1)       fresh-squeezed lemon juice of 2 tablespoons

2)       grade-B organic maple syrup of 2 tablespoons

3)       cayenne pepper of 1/10 teaspoon

4)       10 ounces of filtered water

After all this procedure is done fast at least for 4-14 days, dieters are advised to gradually effortlessness rear into eating firm foodstuff, preliminary initial with the stuff  like vegetable soup, followed by vegetables and fruits.

Working of Lemonade Diet

Lemonade Diet Lemonade Diet        Lose of weight through the Lemonade Diet for the reason that the fast generates a serious calorie shortage. But probabilities are not in fat, lose you will lose your weight in water weight and muscle.

During the time of fast, you can look forward to to feel hungry and might get headaches, diarrhea, giddiness, exhaustion, listlessness, sickness or constipation.

As for detoxification, your liver previously does the action. There is no need of any medicinal proof or evidence that fasting or “purification” diets essentially rid the body of any poison or toxins not or else extra in physical dissipate.

Expert Views

According to Dietitian Melinda Johnson and RD, doesn’t see anything optimistic concerning this diet sketch.

“There is no technical or scientifically proof or evidence which you require anything like this or several other detox plan to wash your body or help you to lose your weight,” she declares.

She advises staying left from smoking if you want to stay away from toxins. Or  else, belief on your liver to perform its work.

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What are the Benefits of Lemon Water Detox?

The Benefits of Lemon Water Detox

lemon dietLemon water detox is known to be effective in removing impurities in the body. It is one of the easiest ways to use a detox treatment plus will never cost you anything than a piece of lemon. If you are still sceptical over a lemon water detox, here are some benefits that may change your mind:

  • Lemon juice is used for its digestive properties – lemon juice promotes a healthy digestion; lemon tea has been a staple in most European countries after a huge meal since it has a natural ability to prevent heartburn.
  • Lemon juice has natural detoxifying properties – when you drink lemon tea, you will notice that you will urinate more often. The acid in lemon tea will cleanse the urinary tract and will reduce the possibility of suffering from urinary tract infections. By urinating more often, your body is able to flush out toxins and harmful organisms which lead to cleansing your system.
  • Lemon juice will help increase immunity – lemons are rich in vitamin C and this vitamin is known to increase the body’s resistance to infections and illnesses since it strengthens the immune system. With just one glass of lemon juice, you will get the day’s daily requirements of vitamin C.
  • Lemon juice has skin rejuvenating system – vitamin C in lemons are also known to help improve the quality of skin; regular intake of lemon juice will help you keep your skin plump, healthy and moisturized inside and out. Lemons also have anti-aging properties; it is a handy source of antioxidants that can help prevent the damage of free radicals and hence will be able to fight aging.

Benefits of Lemon Water Detox

After using lemon water detox, your body will feel healthier and lighter which is a good sign that your lemon detox is working. Using this detox technique regularly will make you:

  1. Benefit from the nutrients from the foods that you eat – by cleansing your digestive system your colon will be able to absorb more nutrients from food which in turn will make your body healthier.
  2. Transform calories into energy – with a clean colon you are also able to benefit from the calories that you get from food as well. You will be able to efficiently burn calories instead of letting them be stored as ugly fat. And so, more calories burned equals more energy to be used for your daily activities.
  3. Free from harmful effects of toxins and harmful microorganisms – toxins and microorganisms accumulate in your colon when you do not cleanse; similar to plumbing at home, you need to remove all dirt and food particles that obstruct the flow of water. Cleansing with lemon water will prevent digestive tract infections, accumulation of toxins that can affect digestion and may also affect other systems of the body.

You can reap the wonderful effects of lemon water detox when you start today. This method is possibly the most practical and the safest detox with no possible side effects whatsoever!

                   This is a Benefits of Lemon Water Detox


How to Follow a Lemon Detox Diet

Tips on How to Follow a Lemon Detox DietLemonade detox diet

The lemon detox diet is taking so many dieters aback with its ability to reduce up to 10 pounds of unwanted fat in just two to three weeks. There are even online testimonials on how effective and how easy this diet plan is.

It is basically using the natural properties of lemon to aid in the cleansing and the therapeutic process of restoring your body to its health. You will efficiently remove toxins and reduce unwanted fat easily when you follow the lemon detox diet to a T.

However, some people who have used the lemon detox diet felt sluggish and had lack of energy after the first and second day. Could this diet be just another fad diet? Here are tips on how to survive the lemon detox diet plan:

How to Follow a Lemon Detox Diet

  1. You don’t really have to cut down on eating or starve yourself when you are using the lemon detox. You just need to replace foods that you usually eat with healthier food options like fruits and vegetables. Beverages that you usually take will be replaced with lemon on cold water.
  2. Make sure you are drinking very cold water since taking very cold water is known to stimulate the metabolism naturally. Cold water also makes lemon juice taste better since lemon is very sour.Adding one to two tablespoons of honey will improve the taste of sour lemon juice. Adding a pinch of cayenne pepper also helps boost your metabolism and will give this drink an extra zing!
  3. Drink an 8oz glass of lemon detox for 6 to 8 times in a day. Proponents of this diet say that it is okay to feel weak and lightheaded in the first few days. This is actually a sign that your body is removing toxins efficiently. You will be surprised that after the third or fourth day you will feel better and with more energy.
  4. For optimum results, make sure you stick to the allotted time. Don’t lose hope when you don’t get results after a week or two. Results vary differently, some may lose weight immediately after two weeks while others may lose a few and continuously shed unwanted weight after the second week.
  5. Use only natural lemon juice and not prepared or imitation lemon juice. These products do not have the natural properties that are important in real lemons. If possible, pick organic lemons since these do not have chemicals like fertilizer or pesticides.
  6. In using the lemon detox diet, keep to a low calorie diet. Do not eat foods that contain preservatives and additives since these will only contain hidden calories that will affect your weight loss or diet management.
  7. Finally, this diet plan is not for everyone. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor beforehand. If you feel unusual or very tired even after the first week then discontinue this diet; consult a dietician for the best diet for your condition.

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How is Lemon Water Detox Done?

How is Lemon Water Detox Done?

lemon detoxLemon water detox is possibly the easiest way to cleanse your body. Lemon juice has natural properties that can cleanse, improve the digestive system, fight infection, increase immunity and even reduce the effects of premature aging.

Prepare several ripe lemons; you need about a lemon per day and possibly 7 ripe lemons for a week of lemon water detox. Before starting the detox process, aim to improve your detox by avoiding certain foods and beverages.

Remember to :

  1. Give your digestive system a break by avoiding foods that stay longer in the colon and could affect your detox process. Avoid meats, eggs, poultry, dairy products and grains.
  2. Avoid drinks like alcohol, coffee, sodas and other carbonated beverages.
  3. Avoid sweets and other simple carbohydrates for the time being.

And while you are cleansing your system with lemon water, try to relax and pamper yourself as well. Read a book, get a massage, a facial or simply sleep to allow your body to recuperate faster.

Now, steps on how to prepare lemon water detox:

  1. Choose organic lemons for your detox. Wash lemons first then wipe with a clean cloth.
  2. Cut a slice of lemon; remember to slice thinly and to cut only the piece that you will use. Keep the rest in a covered container and place the container inside the refrigerator.
  3. Fill a tall glass of ice water; place a thin slice of lemon in the glass and allow the juice to flavor the water slowly.
  4. Drink the entire glass of lemon water and then fill the glass with cold water again using the same lemon slice. Drink this lemon water from time to time until you have finished the entire glass.
  5. Drink as much as 10 to 12 glasses of lemon water in a day. Use a fresh lemon slice when the slice looks wrinkled or withered.

In between your water lemon drink, you may eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. Fiber will help the body sweep away toxins and harmful microorganisms from the colon. Fruits may be taken as they are or prepared as a salad or used in purees, jams and smoothies. On the other hand, veggies are also rich in fiber and other than eating vegetables raw, you may eat them as a salad, dipped in low fat sauces, or in soups. Veggies may be steamed which retains their delicious flavor and nutrients.

Along with eating fruits and vegetables, a person who uses lemon water detox must also include rest and relaxation in his detox plans. It’s important that a person that would like to make this detox technique a regular part of his life to review his lifestyle choices. Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, making wise food choices and taking time to review calories in food will all help lead you to manage your regular detox with lemon water. Make lemon water a regular part of your family members’ diet as well by starting a lemon detox weekend.

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What You Should Know Before Using a Lemon Detox Diet

What You Should Know Before Using a Lemon Detox Dietlemonage diet

An effective way to cleanse the body and at the same time remove unwanted fat is to use an effective diet called the lemon detox diet. This particular diet has caught the attention of so many people including celebrities, weight loss experts and nutritionists because of its ability to reduce weight up to 10 pounds in a just a matter of two weeks. However, there are health experts who are questioning about the safety of the lemon detox and here are some pointers that you may want to remember before you use this diet plan:

The dangers of too much acid in the body

A condition known as metabolic acidosis or ketosis acidosis happens when the body has high levels of acid resulting to an excess. There are several ways that you can use a lemon detox diet and one such popular way is to just rely on lemon juice as your primary source of nourishment for days or even weeks. Excessive intake of acid will affect the different metabolic processes of the body resulting to illness. It’s important therefore not to overuse this diet but instead use it together with a safe and more feasible diet plan to effectively cleanse the body and lose weight.

The importance of getting all the important nutrients that you need

A lemon detox diet has to be integrated in a healthy diet plan and not to be used as a standalone diet since it lacks all the important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates that the body needs to regulate its growth and development.

If the dieter takes in only lemon juice for a week then he will suffer from severe nutrient deficiencies. Muscles will waste and disappear when a person does not take in proteins, there will be no energy sources since there is no fat and carbohydrate intake, the immune system will fail due to lack of minerals and vitamins and skin will age and lose its tone without the important vitamins to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Lack of concentration

When there is a decreased or total lack of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in the food you eat, you will have poor concentration and your memory and critical thinking will be affected. You will feel very weak to even eat or move.

Use the lemon detox diet responsibly

Therefore, it is very important that anyone who would like to use the lemon detox diet to use it responsibly. It must be used together with a healthy diet plan and together with changes in lifestyle and activity for the best results.

Taking only lemon water and nothing else is very dangerous so consult your doctor or dietician for changes in your regular diet. You don’t need to starve to follow this diet plan; you only need to use it alongside a healthy diet that considers all the food groups to reduce the dangers that come with taking lemon detox diet alone.